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I read two to four books a month. Some years ago I began to keep a database of the books that I have read in order not to borrow or, even worse, buy the same book again.  Nowadays, I no longer buy hard copy. In fact, I only buy a Kindle book if there is something I badly want to read and I am  unable to borrow it from my local library.

I have an excellent local library with access to two types of electronic books that I read on my tablet.  This is particularly useful if I am  traveling.  If I do acquire a hard copy book or paperback and I want to keep it, then a book from my library has to be discarded to make space.  I have just three shelves of books in my real library, all triple stacked, and full.

So what do I like to read? In brief, biographies, travelogues and crime fiction. I much prefer British crime writers over those on the other side of the Atlantic.  Some of my favourite crime writers in the past, including Jon Cleary and Arthur Upfield, are Australian. The best contemporary Australian that I  have discovered is called Michael Robotham.  He actually sets his novels in the UK or USA, in order to appeal  to a wider audience I suppose, but it is nice to know that he is Australian.  I was astonished to learn that he was reared in my home town of Coffs Harbour and taught by school teachers who are members of my walking group!  My favourite UK crime writers are Ian Rankin and Val McDermid.

My favourite author used to be John Mortimer until I read a biography and learned what a dreadful man he was. However, Horace Rumpole is still my favorite character and his books are my bedside re reading if I ever need it.  Did you know that we have our very own Australian version of Rumpole?  No, not that dreadful Rake character on ABC television.  However, there is a connection with the ABC.  His creator, Stuart Littlemore, was the first presenter on Aunty’s “Media Watch”.  Our Australian Rumpole is called Harry Curry and I just wish Stuart Littlemore would bring him out, dust him off and let him loose in a few more books.

I have read and enjoyed James Herriot for more than 50 years. If you are ever in Yorkshire then you must go to the James Herriot museum which is to be found in the former house from where the vet,  Alfred Wight, aka James Herriot, actually practised in Thirsk, a  few miles out of York.  It was also where the second series for the BBC series of “All Creatures Great and Small” was filmed.  If you hang around there for long enough then you may even get to meet James Herriot’s son, the retired vet Jim Wight, who wanders in from time to time to sign copies of his biography concerning his famous father.  It is a cracking read, every bit as good as his father’s writing that will have you alternatively laughing out loud or weeping.  Alfred Wight died in 1995 and I do know a nurse who cared for him during his terminal illness…

My favourite Australian writer is Tim Winton.  It is quite fitting that his most famous book, “Cloudstreet”,  is used as a high school literary text.  Its prose is sheer poetry.  I once saw the stage version that uses vast slabs of the text in dialogue and it is just brilliant.  It was performed by an amateur group in Coffs Harbour’s Jetty Theatre but they were brilliant as well.

I am also a great fan of Peter Fitzsimons and have read most of his books excluding those that involve sport in which I have no interest.  I think Peter is a great writer because he is primarily a journalist who assembles his material in a very organised and thereby readable fashion.  My favourite Fitzsimons book is the autobiography of his childhood that is called “A Simpler Time”.  It is really a very moving tribute to his parents.  If you look under this title on Amazon,  you can find my five star review of this book that concludes:  “When you have finished this book then you feel as though you have been touched by something really good”.   This autobiography is right up there with Anh Do’s “The Happiest Refugee”, another great contemporary Australian.

And so to my list, which now includes some 950 books. In many instances I have just commented briefly on an author, whilst the number of books that I have read by this author will testify to my enthusiasm.  You can search an author or book title or re arrange the order in which they are listed for quick scanning.

Wishing you happy reading and, if you have something to add or some favorites of your own, why not drop a note on the Welcome Page to this website?

Author TitleNotes
SurnameFirst name
Adam SmithPatsyGoodbye GirlieRecommended author - Australian
Adam SmithPatsyThere was a ShipAn autobiography. Set on ships around Tasmania in the last century. Quite enjoyable
AdamsGlendaDancing on Coral
AdamsRichardThe Plague DogsNot memorable
AdamsRichardWatership DownClassic
AlexanderNicoleAn Uncommon WomanHow a Queensland daughter stole a lion from a circus and bought a station. Historical fiction, circa 1930. Boring
AllisonPeterDon't look behind you but
AllisonPeterHow to Walk a PumaA backpackers travels in South America. Quite enjoyable
Al MuderaMujedWalking FreeHighly recommended especially for doctors. From "boat person" refugee to pioneering orthopaedic surgeon
AltJeffFour Boots One JourneyA couple walk the Appalachian Trail. I enjoyed this.
AmisMartinThe Rachel Papers
ArcherJeffreyA Matter of HonourAn easy read author
ArcherJeffreyA Quiver Full of Arrows
ArcherJeffreyHonour Among Thieves
ArcherJeffreyTo Cut a Long Story Short
ArcherJeffreyTwelve Red Herrings
AsherBridgitThe Provence Cure for the BrokenheartedAw shucks romance. I quite enjoyed it.
AtkinsonKateCase Histories
AtkinsonKateA God in Ruins
AtkinsonKateOne Good TurnEntertaining enough although the stream of consciousness style does not work as well for these characters
AtkinsonKateWhen will There be Good NewsGreat characters. A good read. Highly recommended
AtkinsonKateStarted early, Took my DogJackson Brodie again. Stream of consciousness suits a dementing actress who is one of the stars. Enjoyable
AtwoodMargaretThe Heart Goes Last
AyresPamSurgically EnhancedScottish comedian
BagwellSherylMy French ConnectionNot memorable
BaileyJohnInto the UnknownNot memorable
BaldacciDavidMemory Man
BannisterAndyThe Atheist who Didn't Exist
BaranayInezRascal RainAbout life in PNG. Only if you are interested in PNG
BarryDaveThe Only Travel Guide You Will Ever NeedNot memorable
BarrettRobert GLes Norton & the Talking Pie CrustI didn't like this by the well known author of Australian crime fiction
BaxterCarolThe Fabulous Flying Mrs MillerFascinating biography of the Melbourne housewife who became a famous aviatrix, centrepiece of a love triangle and murder trial, then ended life as a typist. Well written
BeadellLenOutback HighwaysNot memorable
BearupGregAdventures in Caravanastan: around Australia at 80ksVaguely entertaining if you're into travelling around Australia
BeckettSimonWritten in BoneEntertaining crime writer
BiddlecombePeterAround the World on ExpensesTravels in the last century. Must have enjoyed this author because I went back for more of the same.
BiddlecombePeterTravels with my Suitcase
BillinghamMarkSleepy Head
BinghamHarryTalking to the Dead
BirchCarolJamrachs Meangerie
BisleySteveStillways: A MemoirAustralian larrikan's biography. He is a TV star I think.
BlackwoodCarolineThe Fate of Mary RoseNot memorable
BlaikieGeorgeGreat Australian ScandalsNot recommended
BoothStephenClawsA short story about bird poaching and manslaughter in the Peak Distrcit featuring DCI Ben Cooper
BoothStephenThe Dead PlaceUK based crime fiction set in the Peak District. Familiar to us as our favourite place to walk when we visit Sheffield
BoothStephenThe Devil's EdgeBen Cooper solves the mystery of a double bashing murder in the fictional village of Riddings
BoothStephenThe Kill CallBen Cooper and Diane Fry are the DCI's who operate from the fictional town of Edendale, Derbyshire. Well written
BosherLeslie AnnTo the Manor DrawnBiography. Mildly entertaining if you're an Anglophile like me.
BothamNoelCatch that Tiger:Churchill's Secret Order….Very interesting WWII story that only emerged in the 21st century.
BowdenTimAntarctica and Back in 60 daysTim is an entertaining Australian travel writer and this is his best book
BowdenTimPenelope goes West
BowdenTimThe Devil in Tim
BowdenTimOne Crowded HourBiography of Neil Davis, camera and war correspondent Neil Davis, born in Tasmania and died 1987 in Thailand
BowdenTimThe Way my Father Tells It
BrandtHarryThe Whites
BrettSimonMurder in the Museum
BrettSimonThe Body on the Beach
BrickhillPaulReach for the SkyClassic
BrooksGeraldinePeople of the BookNot memorable
BrownDanThe Da Vinci CodeI don't like Dan Brown
Buist/SimsionAnne/GraemeTwo Steps ForwardRomance between English divorcee and Californian widow on El Camino Real to Santiago. Enjoyable
BrysonBillA Short History of Practically EverythingAn amazing book by one of my favourite authors. Everyone should have a copy of this book on their shelf
BrysonBillAt HomeA follow up to the above volume. Not quite as rivetting.
BrysonBillA Walk in the WoodsA classic of long distance trail walking (US Appalachians)
BrysonBillAfrican DiaryI will read every book that I can get hold of by this author. His travel writing is the best
BrysonBillDown UnderThe best contemporary travel book about Australia
BrysonBillIcons of EnglandNot his best work
BrysonBillNeither Here nor There
BrysonBillNotes from a Large CountryTraveling in the USA
BrysonBillThe Life and Times of the Thunderbolt KidAutobiographical and amusing
BrysonBillThe Lost Continent
BrysonBillThe Mother TongueInteresting but I only just managed to finish this one
BrysonBillThe Road to Little DribblingA 21st century repeat of his first book "Notes from a Small Island" and not quite as good
ButcherTimBlood River - A Journey to Africa's Broken HeartCivilisation can't go backwards can it? A terrifying book about the African Congo in the 21st century
ByattASPossession: A RomanceDon't think I finished reading this
ByrskiLizFood, Sex & MoneyI like Liz. This and the next book are probably her classics
ByrskiLizGang of Four
ByrskiLizIn the Company of StrangersNot her best work. Characters are a bit stilted and too good to be plausible
ByrskiLizRemember MeThis is autobiographical. A love story. I loved it.
ByrskiLizTrip of a LifetimeListened to this one as a spoken book with Pam in the car. We both enjoyed it quite a lot
ByrskiLizThe Woman Next DoorA bit boring. I did not finish this one
CahillTimNot so Funny when it Happened
CalderPeterTravels with my Mother
CarterPaulIs that thing DieselVaguely entertaining if you're into long distance motor bike riding. Australian.
CastrasionJamesCrossing the DitchTwo lads row across the Tasman. I enjoyed this.
CareyPeterBlissI find Peter Carey very difficult to read. I can't remember much about any of his work except for…
CareyPeterJack Maggs
CareyPeterThe Unusual Life of Tristan Smith
CareyPeterTrue History of the Kelly GangThis one and "Oscar and Lucinda" which I enjoyed.
ChristieAgathaCat among the PigeonsClassic author
ChristieAgathaHercule Poirot's Casebook
ChristieAgathaHercule Poirot's Christmas
ChristieAgathaMurder in Retrospect
ChristieAgathaMurder in the Mews
ChristieAgathaOrdeal by Innocence
ChristieAgathaPartners in Crime
ChristieAgathaPoirot's Early Cases
ChristieAgathaPostern of Fate
ChristieAgathaSad Cypress
ChristieAgathaThe Blue Train
ChristieAgathaThe Body in the Library
ChristieAgathaThe Moving Finger
ChristieAgathaThe Secret Adversary
ChristieAgathaThe Sittaford Mystery
ChristieAgathaThey Came to Baghad
ChristieAgathaThird Girl
ClearyJonA Different TurfAustralian crime writing author. I was sorry when I had finished reading everything I could lay my hands on.
ClearyJonAutumn Maze
ClearyJonBleak Spring
ClearyJonDark Summer
ClearyJonDegrees of Connection
ClearyJonFive Ring Circus
ClearyJonFour-Cornered Circle
ClearyJonHigh Road to China
ClearyJonMiss Ambar Regrets
ClearyJonMorning's Gone
ClearyJonPride's Harvest
ClearyJonThe Bear Pit
ClearyJonThe Easy Sin
ClearyJonThe SundownersClassic
ClearyJonWinter Chill
ClearyJonYesterdays Shadow
CobenHarlanDeal BreakerOne of the few US crime writers that I am prepared to read
CobenHarlanDrop Shot
CobenHarlanThe Woods
ColemenColetteGreat Motor Cycle Journeys of the WorldNot memorable
CollinsThe Language of God
CollinsWilkieThe Woman in WhiteClassic
CordyMichaelCrime Zero
CornwellPatriciaBook of the DeadClassic US crime writer, I was once keen on her but her work has gone so far down hill…
CornwellPatriciaHornet's Nest
CornwellPatriciaPoint of Origin
CorrisPeterBeware of the DogCliff Hardy is an Australian PI and Corris writes in the old style of tough PI's. Light reading
CorrisPeterBrowning PI
CorrisPeterCliff Hardy Case Files
CorrisPeterFollow the Money
CorrisPeterForget me if you Can
CorrisPeterGet Even
CorrisPeterThe Kimberly Killing
CorrisPeterThe Reward
CorrisPeterThe Washington Club
CorrisPeterWet Graves
CorrisPeterThe Big Score
CotteeKayFirst LadySolo round the world sailor. I enjoyed this book
CourtneyBryceA Recipe for DreamingBryce Courtney's first two books were his best. I found his later offerings a bit tedious
CourtneyBryceFour Fires
CourtneyBryceMatthew Flinders CatCreative non fiction. Quite good account of Matthew Flinders circumnavigation of Australia
CourtneyBryceSolomons Ring
CourtneyBryceThe Potato Facory
CoxJosephineThe Broken ManSimplistic. Poorly written. Not recommended
CoxJosephineThe Journey
CoxJosephineThe Loner
CrombieSteveLost on Earth
CroninAJThe Citadel
DahlRoaldBoy & Going Solo
Dalai LamaFreedom in ExileA good read
DanielsBenjaminConfessions of a GPNot memorable
DarlingLynnOut of the Woods: A Memoir of WayfaringA New York widow sees her only daughter off to college, moves to the wilds of Vermount. Challenged by a primitive house, the wild woods, breast cancer and a dementing mother she negotiates her way through all. Autobiographical and well written, albeit a bit slow in places. Recommended.
DashMikeBatavias GraveyardNot the best book on this subject. Read only to compare with Peter Fitzsimons version
DawkinsRichardThe Selfish GeneInteresting but I only just managed to finish this one
DeaverJeffreyThe Sleeping Doll
De BolfoTonyIn Search of KingsItalian migrants in Australia.I decided not to pursue this biography.
DelaneyLukeCold Killing
DelderfieldRFA Horseman Riding By
DelderfieldRFCome Home Charlie and Face Them
De KresterMichelleQuestions of TravelA travel book that I quite enjoyed
DexterColinDeath is now my NeighbourI have read every "Morse" book that I can get my hands on. Dexter is his creator
DexterColinLast Seen Wearing
DexterColinMorse's Greatest Mystery
DexterColinSecret of the 3rd Annexe
DexterColinService of all the Dead
DexterColinThe BurglarMorse short story
DexterColinThe Daughters of Cain
DexterColinThe Dead of Jericho
DexterColinThe Jewel that was Ours
DexterColinThe Remorseful Day
DexterColinThe Third Mile
DexterColinThe Way through the Woods
DexterColinThe Wench is Dead
DiasDexterFalse Witness
DiffenbaughVanessaThe Language of Flowers
DixonGlennJuliets AnswerA true-life love story with a happy ending. And who does not love a love story? However, I have to admit to speed reading this because the detination was more important than the journey.
Do AnhThe Happiest RefugeeOne of the best autobiographies that I have ever read. I loved this book.
DoerrAnthonyAll the Light We Cannot SeeA Pulitzer prizewinner but I did not warm to this and eventaully gave up reading it
DoyleArthur ConanSherlock Holmes Complete Vol 2Classic
DoyleArthur ConanThe Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
DoyleArthur ConanThe Hound of the Baskervilles
DrinkwaterCarolA Celebration of OlivesEnglish actress (the 1st Mrs Herriott) marries a Frenchman and buys an olive farm in Provence. Very enjoyable
DuncanSusanThe Briny CaféEntertaining Australian fiction
DuncanSusanSalvation CreekAutobiography of the journalist living on the Pittwater and backgrounding Dorothea McKellar's home there. Recommended
DuncanSusanThe House at Salvation CreekSequel to the above but she is now milking the success of the former. A bit boring in parts
DuffyMichaelThe Tower
DuffyMichaelThe Simple Death
DurackMaryKings in Grass CastlesClassic
DurrellGeraldBirds Beasts and RelativesI have read every book by Gerald Durrell that I can get my hands on. Collected animals for zoos in the last century.
DurrellGeraldCatch me a Colobus
DurrellGeraldFillets of Plaice
DurrellGeraldGolden Bats and Pink Pigeons
DurrellGeraldHow to Shoot an Amateur Naturalist
DurrellGeraldMarrying Off Mother
DurrellGeraldThe Batful Beagles
DurrellGeraldThe Drunken Forest
DurrellGeraldThe Garden of the Gods
DurrellGeraldThe Mockery Bird
DurrellGeraldThe New Noah
DurrellGeraldThe Overloaded Ark
DurrellGeraldThe Picnic and Suchlike Pandemonium
EamesJimTaking to the Skies
EllsPhilipWhere The Hell is TuvaluQuite entertaining, especially if you do know where Tuvalu is
EwanChrisSafe House
EnfieldEdwardFreewheeling through Ireland61 yo BBC agent cycles through Ireland late 1990's. Mildly amusing. Well written
EngelhardJackIndecent ProposalI can't recommend this book
FaceyAlbertA Fortunate LifeAustralian classic autobiography. Highly recommended.
FaulksA Week in December
FeistRaymondMagicianI can't recommend this book
FieldingHelenCause Celeb
FingletonJohnSurviving MaggieAn Australian autobiography a bit like "Angela Ashes"
FischerTimTranscontinental Train OdysseyTim is a readable travel author
FitzsimonsPeterA Simple TimeAutobiography and tribute to his parents. I loved this book.
FitzsimonsPeterBataviaRivetting read
FitzsimonsPeterCharles Kingsford SmithA good read
FitzsimonsPeterEureka The Unfinished RevolutionA very readable author
FitzsimonsPeterFromelles and PozieresAustralians on the Western Front WWI. The first book by this author I could not finish. Seemed disorganised. Huge
FitzsimonsPeterKokodaWell written
FitzsimonsPeterMawsonBest book I have read about Antarctic explorers
FitzsimonsPeterNancy WakeA good read
FitzsimonsPeterNed KellyA good read
FlanaganRichardGould's Book of FishAustralian contemporary author. I cannot recommend this book
FlanaganRichardThe Narrow Road to the Deep NorthProbably his best work
FlanaganRichardThe Sound of One Hand ClappingVery dark but memorable
FlanneryTimThe ExplorersAbout Australian exploration. I enjoyed this
FlynnGillianGone GirlPopular but forgettable fiction
FogleBruceTravels with MacyNot memorable
FollettKenThe Pillars of the EarthDid not finish this classic. It failed to grab me.
FordAdamMy Life in RuinsAn Australian archaeologist's autobiography. I quite enjoyed this book
ForsythAnnThe Far HorizonNot memorable
ForsythFrederickAvengerPopular writer
FoxKathrynBlood BornKathryn Fox is an Australian Patricia Cornwall whose heroine is a forensic pathologist. Much better than Cornwall
FoxKathrynCold GraveRecommended if you like crime fiction
FoxKathrynDeath Mask
FoxKathrynFatal Impact
FoxKathrynMalicious Intent
FrameJanetAn AutobiographyA New Zealander I think. Enjoyed this.
FrancisDickBankerAn easy read author
FrancisDickBlood Sport
FrancisDickCome to Grief
FrancisDickDead Cert
FrancisDick and FelixDead Heat
FrancisDickDriving Force
FrancisDickEven Money
FrancisDickField of Thirteen
FrancisDickHot Money
FrancisDickOdds Against
FrancisDickRat Race
FrancisDickSecond Wind
FrancisDickThe Danger
FrancisDickThe Edge
FrancisDickTwice Shy
FrancisDickUnder Orders
FranklinMilesMy Brilliant CareerClassic Australian
FrenchJackieMiss Lily's Lovely LadiesI did not finish this book. But it was interesting
FrenchNicciBlue MondayA very readable UK crime writer
FrenchNicciBeneath the Skin
FrenchNicciCatch Me When I Fall
FrenchTanaIn the Woods
FrenchNicciKilling me Softly
FrenchNicciLand of the Living
FrenchNicciSecret Smile
FrenchNicciThursdays Children
FrenchNicciUntil its Over
FrenchNicciWhat to do when Someone Dies
FrenchTaniaThe TrespasserBritish crime fiction. This one is a good page turner.
FriedmanKinkyThe Kinky Friedman Crime ClubI enjoyed this even though it was American
FriedmanPhilipWall of Silence
GalsworthyJohnIn ChanceryClassic author, one of the few that I have read and reread over the years
GalsworthyJohnMaid in WaitingWon the Nobel prize for literature in 1932
GalsworthyJohnOn Forsyte Change
GalsworthyJohnSwan Song
GalsworthyJohnThe Man of Property
GalsworthyJohnThe Siver Spoon
GalsworthyJohnThe White Monkey
GalsworthyJohnTo Let
GardnerScotThe Dead I Know
GarnerHelenThe First StoneNot memorable
GarnerShannonLabour of LoveA Coffs Harbour lass unertakes surrogate pregnancy for a Sydney gay couple
GelmanRitaTales of a Female NomadMid life divorce crisis sees this American take to the road, I enjoyed this book.
GentillSulariA Few Right Thinking Men
GentillSulariA Murder UnmentionedAustralian crime drama set in the 1930's. Readable
GeorgeElizabethThe Evidence ExposedBritish crime writer whose TV series features Thomas Lynley
GeorgeElizabethA Great Deliverence
GeorgeElizabethA Place of Hiding
GeorgeElizabethA Suitable Vengence
GeorgeElizabethA Traitor to Memory
GeorgeElizabethFor the Sake of Elena
GeorgeElizabethIn Pursuit of the Proper Sinner
GeorgeElizabethMissing Joseph
GeorgeElizabethPayment in Blood
GeorgeElizabethPlaying for the Ashes
GeorgeElizabethThis Body of Death
GeorgeElizabethWell-Schooled in Murder
GeorgeElizabethWith No One as Witness
GiarratanoLeahWatch the World BurnNot memorable
GilleLandRayThe Nullabor KidI cannot recommend this book.
GloverRichard Flesh WoundsA rather sad autobiography by an Australian whose upbringing was the antithesis of say, Peter Fitzsimon
GoddardRobertBeyond RecallEasy reading UK fiction
GoddardRobertBlood Count
GoddardRobertBorrowed Time
GoddardRobertCaught in the Light
GoddardRobertClosed Circle
GoddardRobertDays without Number
GoddardRobertDying to Tell
GoddardRobertFound Wanting
GoddardRobertIn Pale Battalions
GoddardRobertInto the BlueThis was Goddard's first I think and the one I enjoyed the most
GoddardRobertLong Time Coming
GoddardRobertName to a Face
GoddardRobertNever Go Back
GoddardRobertOut of the Sun
GoddardRobertPlay to the End
GoddardRobertSea Change
GoddardRobertSet in Stone
GoddardRobertSight Unseen
GoddardRobertThe Ways of the WorldParis 1919. The battle for peace has just begun
GoldsmithOliviaThe First Wives ClubMade into a movie. Readable
GraftonSue A is for AlibiEasy reading US crime fiction
GraftonSue B is for BurglarThis series given to me as a Kindle bundle and I will read them when desperate
GraftonSue C is for Corpse
GraftonSue D is for Deadbeat
GraftonSue E is for Evidence
GraftonSue F is for Fugitive
GraftonSue G is for Gumshoe
GraftonSue H is for Homicide
GraftonSue I is for Innocent
GraftonSue J is for Justice
GraftonSue K is for Killer
GrangerAnnA Particular Eye for VillianyVictorian era murder mystery set in London. Reasonable
GrantDavid RSeven Year Itch A Family OdysseyAn epic 7-year circumvavigation of the globe by a family using a horse-drawn gypsy caravan. I enjoyed this
GreeksPollyEmbracing the Dragon A woman walks the Great Wall of ChinaA New Zealand lass walks the wall with a mercurial boyfriend. I quite enjoyed this.
GreenSophieThe Fairvale Ladies Book Club5 women connect in outback Queensland. Pam finished this spoken book. I half listened. Okay
GreeneGrahamA Burnt-out CaseClassic author
GreeneGrahamLoser Takes All
GreeneGrahamOur Man in HavanaMy favourite by this author
GreeneGrahamStamboul Train
GreeneGrahamThe Comediens
GreeneGrahamThe Heart of the Matter
GreeneGrahamThe Honorary Consul
GreeneGrahamThe Last Word
GreeneGrahamThe Last Word and Other Stories
GreeneGrahamThe Power and the Glory
GreeneGrahamThe Quiet American
GreeneGrahamThe Third Man
GreenupAliceEducating AliceA Melbourne girl goes to the country and marries a local. One of the most enjoyable books I have ever read.
GreenwoodKerryAway with the FairiesThe books are as good as the ABC series that feature 1920s female sleuth Phrynne Fisher in Melbourne
GreenwoodKerryMurder on a Midsummer Night
GreenwoodKerryThe Green Mill Murder
GrenvilleKateThe Secret RiverAustralian author. Very good. This book was made into an ABC mini series. Recommended
GrenvilleKateOne LifeBiography of the life of Kate Grenville's mother. I quite enjoyed this book.
GrenvilleKateSarah ThornhillSequel to "The Secret River"
GrenvilleKateSearching for the Secret RiverKate Grenville's account of her family history research that lead to "The Secret River". Wanders a bit.
GrippandoJamesMost Dangerous PlaceUS courtroom drama. Fast moving and compelling but not great literature.
GrishamJohnA Painted HouseWell known author of US courtroom dramas. Has become rather predictable in his books.
GrishamJohnA Time to Die
GrishamJohnKing of Torts
GrishamJohnRunaway Jury
GrishamJohnThe Bretheren
GrishamJohnThe Broker
GrishamJohnThe Chamber
GrishamJohnThe Last Juror
GrishamJohnThe Street Lawyer
GrishamJohnThe Summons
GroganJohnMarley and MeFlorida journalist's account of his family life with a dog. Made into a film. Very enjoyable. You will laugh and cry.
GrossDJPrior SinsPlenty of blood, a bit of sex, classical mythology and a twist in the tail but amateurish. Not recommended
GrovesMaryAn Outback LifeAutobiography by an Australian woman who lived in the NT in the second half of the 20th century. Remarkable.
GruenSaraAt the Waters Edge
GruenSaraWater for ElephantsNot memorable
GunnAeneusWe of the Never NeverClassic Australian
HaagMichaelThe Durrels of CorfuInteresting biography of the whole Durrell clan from India to Bournemouth and Jersey. Poorly written
Hall Robert LeeExit Sherlock Holmes
HammarJacquelineDaughter of the TerritoryAn epic true story of life in the Northern Territory in the mid 20th century. I enjoyed this book
HannahSophieMonogram Murders, The
HardyJonathonLost in Translation
HarfullLizCity Girl Country GirlI cannot recommend this collection of true stories about women in the bush
HarperJaneThe DryMurder mystery set in an outback Australian town in the grip of a drought. Well written, twists and surprises
HarrisGypsing after 40Not memorable
HarrisOliverThe Hollow Man
HarrisThomasThe Silence of the LambsClassic US crime fiction that became more famous as the film starring Jodie Foster
HawkinsPaulaThe Girl on the TrainNot memorable
HaynesElizabethRevenge the TideUK based crime fiction. Readable
HaynesJimThe Best Australian Bush StoriesI cannot recommend this collection.
HeardBarryThe View from Connors HillAn Australian autobiography. I quite enjoyed it.
HeardBarryWell Done Those MenA tribute to Australian servicemen in Vietnam
HeissAnitaParis DreamingChick lit but I enjoyed it. A Canberra lass gets a job in Paris. Heiss is an indigenous Australian author
HerbertXavierCapricorniaClassic by Australia's only winner of a Nobel prize for literature. This is the only book of his that I could finish
HerbertFrankDune ChroniclesNot memorable
HerriotJamesEvery Living ThingJames Herriott is the author that I would most like to write as he did
HerriotJamesIt Shouldn't Happen to a VetThis is the second book in the series
HerriotJamesThe Lord God Made them All
HerriotJamesVet in Harness
HerriotJamesVets might Fly
HerriotJamesIf Only they Could TalkThe first book in the series All Creatures Great and Small. Classic Herriot
HillDavidThe Gold RushThe history of the Australian gold rush by a former director of the ABC
HillDavidThe Great RaceThe extraordinary story about the exploration and mapping of Australia, a race between English and French. Good read
HillDavidThe Making of AustraliaHistory of Australia from white settlement to Federation. Last few chapters a bit boring but well written. Recommended
HillReginaldA Cure for All DiseasesOne of the best UK crime writers of the modern age. The real Dalziel and Pascoe are even better than the TV crew.
HillReginaldGood Morning Midnight
HillReginaldMidnight Fugue
HillReginaldThe Collaborators
HillReginaldThe Roar of the Butterflies
HillReginaldThe Death of Dalziel
HillReginaldFell of Dark
HillReginaldOn Beulah Height
HillReginaldThe only Game
HillReginaldThe Stranger House
HillReginaldThe Woodcutter
HoffmanCorinneThe White MasaiA German back packer marries a Masai warrior. Quite a famous story with a sequel
HomeMark DouglasThe Woman who Walked into the SeaNot recommended. Did not finish this
HorneDonaldConfessions of a New Boy
HughesRobertThe Fatal ShoreAn Australian classic account of our early colonial era. Very readable
HumphriesBarryAn AutobiographyMuch as you would expect of this author and his life. Quite readable
IdressIonThe Cattle KingClassic Australian
IrvingJohnGottes Werk und Teufels Beitrag
IsaacsSusanShining ThroughAn Americam World War II novel made into a film. Readable
IshiguroKazuoNever Let Me GoDystopian science fiction novel by Japanese-born UK writer. It was shortlisted for the 2005 Booker Prize
JacobsonHowardIn the Land of OzA UK writer and broadcaster travels Australia. Not memorable
JamesCliveFlying VisitsMuch as you would expect of this author and his life. Quite readable
JamesEricaThe Dandelion YearsRomance set in Suffolk and Bletchley Park UK. A bit of a soap opera but Pam liked it as a spoken book during car travel
JamesEricaIt's the Little ThingsModern romance and divorce. Heard as a spoken book during car travel. Okay
JamesEricaSummer at the LakeRomance set in England and Lake Como, Italy. A bit of a soap opera but Pam liked it as a spoken book during car travel
JamesMargaretThe Wedding DiaryTrashy chick lit
JamesPeterDead Like YouContemporary British crime writer whose main character is Inspector Grace
JamesPeterDead Man's Footsteps
JamesPeterDead Man's Grip
JamesPeterDead Man's Time
JamesPeterDead Simple
JamesPeterLooking Good Dead
JamesPeterThe House on Cold Hill
JamesPeterLove You Dead
JamesPeterNot Dead Enough
JamesPeterNot Dead Yet
JamesPeterYou are Dead
JamesPeterWant You Dead
JamesPDA Certain JusticeWell known female British crime writer who invented Inspector Adam Dalgleish
JamesPDAn Unsuitable Job for a Woman
JamesPDCover Her Face
JamesPDDeath in Holy Orders
JamesPDDeath of an Expert Witness
JamesPDDevices and Desires
JamesPDInnocent Blood
JamesPDOriginal Sin
JamesPDThe Children of Men
JamesPDThe Lighthouse
JamesPDThe maul and the Pear Tree
JamesPDThe Private Patient
JamesPDTaste for Death
JamesPDThe Skull beneath the Skin
JamesPDUnnatural CausesA bit ponderous but that is part of its charm. Good plot.
JamesRebeccaBeautiful Malice
JardineQuintinDeath's Door
JensenDavidMawsons Remarkable MenAlmost as good as Peter Fitzimons book about this fampus Australian Antarctic explorer
JohnsonPaulChurchillA very readable biography of Sir Winston
JohnstonGeorgeClean Straw for Nothing and a Cartload of Clay
JohnstonGeorgeMy Brother JackAustralian author. This is his best known work. OK
JohnstonWayneThe Colony of Enrequited Dreams
JonassonJinasThe Girl Who Saved the King of SwedenI cannot recommend this book, Did not finish it.
KeanSamThe Tale of the Duelling NeurosurgeonsA fascinating account of the history of neuroscience. Very readable and highly recommended
KeanSamThe Disappearing SpoonA popular sience account of the discovery of the elements on the periodic table.
KeayJohnThe Mammoth Book of Travel in AustraliaNot memorable
KellermanJonathonCompulsionJonathon and Fay Kellerman are related US crime fiction writers. I will read them if there is nothing else around.
KellermanJonathonSurvival of the Fittest
KellermanFayeBurnt House
KellermanFayeMoon Music
KellermanFayeThe Theory of DeathA Peter Decker Crime Thriller. Just okay
KeneallyThomasSchindler's ListVery difficult to get into. I don't think I actually finished this famous book about the Holocaust by a famous Australian
Kerr ConwayJillThe Road from CoorainVery enjoyable autobiography by an Australian whose career is a mirror of my older sister, Jan Johnston PhD
KershawIanHitler BiogrpahyVery readable biography of this infamous character
KhadraMohamedMaking the CutOne of my former medical students tells of his experinces training in urology. Powerful and of special interest to me.
KiddSue MonkThe Secret Life of BeesSet in South Carolina in 1964, about divine female power, a story women will share and pass on to their daughters
KiezaGrantleeBert Hinkler The Most Daring Man in the WorldA very enjoyable biography of this man's life and tragic death. Recommended
KingMichaelThe Penguin History of New ZealandMy favourite country to visit. Would live there if I didn't live here. A very readable short history
KjaerstadJanThe Seducer
KrakauerJon Into Thin Air
KubicaMaryPretty Baby
LackbergCamillaThe Hidden ChildSwedish crime fiction. I can't claim to be fan of any of it except for Stieg Larsson and his female anti heroine
LackbergCamillaThe Stonecutter
La PlanteLyndaClean CutContemporary British crime writer, also for television
La PlanteLyndaCold Shoulder
La PlanteLyndaDeadly Intent
La PlanteLyndaThe Red Dahlia
La PlanteLyndaThe Little One
La PlanteLyndaTennison
LangleyEveThe Pea-Pickers
LanskyDougThere's No Toilet Paper…Mildly amusing travelogue
LarssonStiegThe Girl who Played with FireEntertaining Swedish crime writer. Recommended
LarssonStiegThe Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
Law BenjaminThe Family LawAutobiography by the gay comedien Benjamin Law. Paled in comparison to Anh Do.
LeeLaurieA Moment of War
LeeLaurieAs I Walked Out One Midsummer
LeeLaurieCider with RosieClassic British author of the mid 20th century. This is his most famous book. I quite enjoyed it.
LeeHarperTo Kill a Mocking-birdClassic US
LeighGeenaCall Me SashaAutobiography of a NZ/Australian prostitute, drug addict and alcoholic who makes good. A good but not great read.
LiCunxinMao's Last DancerWe listened to this book as we travelled. I loved it. Highly recommended. Made into a film of course.
LipmanLauraWhen She Was Good
Lin-LiuJennyThe Noodle RoadVery interesting travelogue that traces the life of noodles from China to Italy, the Old Silk Road
LeonDonnaA Noble Radiance
PlanetLonelyA House Somewhere
LangeDavidMy LifeI enjoyed this autobiography by the former NZ Prime Minister whom I regard as a statesman of the highest order
LawsonJennyLets Pretend this did not Happen
LewisNormanNaples '44
LilwallRobCycling Home from SiberiaThis chaps cycles from Siberia home to Australia. I enjoyed this book very much.
LippmanLauraDon't Look Back
LippmanLauraLife Sentences
LittlemoreStuartHarry Curry The Murder BookAustralia's own Rumpole of the Bailey, better because it is written by a gentleman, the first presenter of "Media Watch"
LittlemoreStuartHarry Curry Counsel of Choice
LlewellinPhil The Road to Muckle FluggaA readable modern British travelogue
LordGabrielleDeath Delights
LordGrahamThe Devil's Advocate Mortimer BiographyThe book that opened my eyes to the truth about John Mortimer. He was a truly dreadful man.
LoveseyPeterDown among the Dead MenBrittish crime drama with a likeable DCI Peter Diamond and his female commander. Recommended
LunnHughOver the Top with JimClassic Australian autobiography but becoming somewhat dated now.
MacBrideStuart22 Little Dead Bodies etc
MacBrideStuartDark Blood
MacBrideStuartClose to the Bone
MacBrideStuartDark Blood
MacBrideStuartIn the Cold Dark Ground
MacBrideStuartNow We Are DeadDid not warm to this and gave up after a few chapters
McCall SmithAlexander44 Scotland StreetWhimsical
McCarthyAvaDead SecretWoman breaks out of jail to kill her husband who murdered their daughter. Readable
McCourtMalachyA Monk SwimmingAnother of the Angelas Ashes type books
McCulloughColleenAngel PussAbout a girl living in Darlinghurst. Pam and I enjoyed this as a talking book. It was where she grew up
McCulloughColleenFortune's Favourites
McDermidValCommon MurderMore girl's own adventure yarn with a touch of lesbian sex than classic McDermid . One of her earliest novels. Okay
McDermidValA Darker DomainClassis UK crime fiction writer. Ranks as one of my top three
McDermidValA Place of Execution
McDermidValA Suitable Job for a Woman
McDermidValBeneath the Bleeding
McDermidValBlue Genes
McDermidValCross and Burn
McDermidValDead Beat
McDermidValFever of the Bone
McDermidValKilling the Shadows
McDermidValThe Distant Echo
McDermidValThe Grave Tattoo
McDermidValThe Last Temptation
McDermidValThe Mermaids Singing
McDermidValThe Retribution
McDermidValThe Skeleton Road
McDermidValThe Torment of Others
McDermidValOut of BoundsDCI Karen Pirie. Published 2016
McDermidValThe Vanishing Point
McDermidValThe Wire in th Blood
McDermidValStar Struck
McDermidValUnion Jack
McDermidValVanishing Point
McDonaldFleurSuddenly One SummerAustralian chick lit. Just okay
McDonaldSaraHoly CowA wonderful book by an ABC journalist written about her experience of living in India. Better than going there.
McGeeTerryMisconceptionsFictuonal account of life as an Australian obstetrician and the impact of being sued. Rung a bell with me.
McInerneyMonicaThe Alphabet SistersA rollicking Australian yarn. Pam and I enjoyed this as a spoken book while we travelled in the car
McInnesWilliamCricket KingsAustralian TV star (Sea Change and many others), this is one several autobiographical books. I enjoyed it.
McInnes WattWilliam SarahWorse Things Happen at SeaSomewhat sad autobiography written by this Australian TV star and his wife. Inspiring
McIntoshFionaBy Bye Baby
McKayGaryGoing Back
MackenzieRFA Search for Scotland
MacKerseyIanBiography of Sir Charles Kingsford SmithA good read. Equal to that by Peter Fitzsimons
MackinnonAJThe Unlikely Adventures of Jack de CrowCharming book by an Australian school teacher who sailed a tiny boat from Wales to the end of the sea
MackinnonAJThe Well at the End of the WorldPrequel to the above book and not quite as good
McMurtryLarryTerms of EndearmentReadable
McNicollDavidDeal Me In
MadillFrankIf You Faint Fall BackwardsSomething of an Angelas Ashes if I remember exactly
MailerNormanThe Fight
MaitlandBarryAll My EnemiesBrock and Kolla solve a suitably grisley murder that has genteel artistic connections and many twists to the tale
MaitlandBarryChelsea MansionsUK crime fiction by Scottish-born architect and Sheffield academic
MaitlandBarryRaven Project
MaitlandBarryRavens Eye
MaitlandBarryNo Trace
ManderJaneThe Story of a New Zealand RiverReadable Non fiction I think but I can't exactly remember
MankellHenningFaceless Killers
MarcusTomSoldier SpyAutobiography of an MI5 agent working in the 21st century to track terrorists. Boring and not that well written
MarshBillSwampy: Tall Tales and TrueAn Australian autobiography. OK
MartiniSteveThe JuryUSA courtroom story.
MarquisSarahTotally Wild2 travelogues by a French Australian long distance hiker. I enjoyed them but she is a real loner
MarquisSarahWild by Nature
MastersPriscillaRiver DeepReadable crime fiction based on a UK coroner. Plot has been used before
MatisAspenGirl in the WoodsDebbie was raped on her second night in a US college and then walked the Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada
MaughanWSOn a Chinese Screen
MaxwellGavinRaven Seek thy BrotherAbout otters on the remote west coast of Scotland. Somewhat dated now but I loved these 3 books
MaxwellGavinRing of Bright Water
MaxwellGavinThe Rocks Remain
MayesFrancesUnder the Tuscan SunAmerican professor, poet and novelist whose books about Italy have sparked a string of lookalikes
MedinaKateScared to DeathA Jesse Flynn and Callan crime thriller circa 2017
MeltzerBradThe Tenth Justice
MillerAlexLovesongA Brit living in Australia writes about an Australian's love for a Tunisian in Paris. Powerful
MillerAlexThe Passage of LoveTwice awarded the Miles Franklin award, this is his autobiography. Powerful and beautiful
MillerAlexWatching the Climbers on the MountainOne of Millers earliest. Well written. Simple story. Ends abruptly
MittelbergMarkChoosing Your Faith
MistryRohintonA Fine Balance
MoggachDeborahThe Best Exotic Marigold HotelDelightful and even better than the movie
MoggachDeborahHeartbreak HotelNot a patch on the former. Glib and distasteful. Not recommended
MontefioreSantaThe Butterfly BoxFrom Chile to Cornwall, a romance over two generations. Readable
MoorePeterSwahili for the Broken-HeartedPeter is an Australian backpacker who wrote this series of travel books before he married his agent and has sadly stopped
MoorePeterThe Full MontezumaI especially enjoyed this one
MoorePeterVroom by the SeaTravelling in Europeon on a Vespa
MoorePeterVroom with ViewMore on the Vespa
MoorePeterWrong Way HomeHis first book about travelling back overland from England to Australia
MordueMarkDastgah diary of a headtrip
MorehooodAlanGallipoliPeter Fitzsimons is better on this subject
MorrisonJohnBest Short Stories
MorrisonGeorgeAn Australian in ChinaI cannot recommend this book, Did not finish it.
MortimerJohnClinging to the WreckageWas my favourite author until I read a biography and learned what a dreadful man he was. "Clinging to the Wreckage" and "Voyages around My Father" are his autobiographies. He had a dreadful father and this may explain why he was such a dreadful man.
MortimerJohnFelix in the Underworld
MortimerJohnLike Men Betrayed
MortimerJohnMurderers and other Friends
MortimerJohnQuite Honestly
MortimerJohnRumpole a la CarteHowever, Rumpole is still my favourite bedside read along with James Herriott
MortimerJohnRumpole and the Age of Miracles
MortimerJohnRumpole and the Age of Terrorists
MortimerJohnRumpole and the Angel of Death
MortimerJohnRumpole and the Penge Bungalow Murders
MortimerJohnRumpole and the Primrose Path
MortimerJohnRumpole on Trial
MortimerJohnRumpole Rests his Case
MortimerJohnRumpole Reurns
MortimerJohnSecond Rumpole Omnibus
MortimerJohnSecond Rumpole Omnibus
MortimerJohnSummers Lease
MortimerJohnThe Sound of Trumpets
MortimerJohnThe Trials of Rumpole
MortimerJohnTitmus Regained
MortimerJohnWhere There's a Will
MortonKateThe Secret KeeperReadable Australian author
MortonKateThe Shifting Fog
MudroorooWild Cat Falling
MuirBrigitteThe Wind in My Hair
MullerSethCanyon CrossingAn account of walking across the Grand Canyon. I enjoyed this shortly after our rafting trip in the Canyon
MundyJaneCholas in Bowlers: Journey to BoliviaVery enjoyable travelogue by a retired Australian couple travelling in South America
MurgatroydSarahThe Dig TreeVery readable account of the Burke and Wills fiasco. Well written and well researched
NashtSimonThe Last Explorer
NegusGeorgeUnderstanding MuslimsA difficult read
NewbyEricA Merry Dance Around the WorldUK travel writer from the last century. A bit dated
NichollsDavidOne DayA big, absorbing, smart, fantastically readable on-off love story published 2009, adapted for a movie 2011
NichollsDavidUsA marriage on the rocks as the couple travel through Europe with their teenage son. I enjoyed this one too.
NicholsJohnReturn of the DambustersA book about what this RAF sqaudron did after their dambusters raid
NicholsPeterA Voyage for Madmen
NilandD'ArcyThe ShiraleeAustralian author married to Ruth Park. This is his most famous book
NivenDavidBring on the Empty HorsesA delightful autobiography from this now deceased UK actor. Read it along with "The Moon is a Balloon" I loved 'em
NorthFreyaHome Truths3 adult sisters learn about their mother who disappeared when they were little leaving them to be raised by an uncle. Boring
NorthFreyaThe Turning PointDid not warm to this and gave up after a few chapters
NortonTrevorUnder the Water to get out of the Rain
OakleyAnnThe Secret Lives of Eleanor Jenkinson
ObamaBarackDreams from my FatherReadable autobiopraphy from a politician whom I admire quite a lot.
O'FarrellMaggieThe Hand that First Held MineI enjoyed this book
O'FarrellMaggieThis Must be the PlaceAnd this one in a similar vein.
O'HanlonRedmondCongo Journey
O'ReillyBernardGreen MountainsThe story of Lamington Guest House and the discovery of the plane that went down in the mountains nearby
O'RourkePJHolidays in HellNot memorable
PalinMichaelAround the World in 80 DaysI have enjoyerd all of these travelogues by a former member of Monty Pythons Flying Circus and famous son of Sheffield UK. Most have been simultaneously released as BBC TV series
PalinMichaelFull Circle
PalinMichaelHemingway Adventure
PalinMichaelHemingways Chair
PalinMichaelPole to Pole
PalinMichaelDiaries 1969 1979 The Python Years
ParkRuthA Fence around the CuckooI think this one was the autobiography
ParkRuthFishing in the StyxExcellent Australian author writing in the 20th century.
ParkRuthThe Harp in the SouthThis one was made into a film or TV series I think
ParkerT JeffersonRed Light
PaternakBorisDoctor ZhivagoClassic
PatersonJamesAlex Cross's TrialUS courtroom writer that I am prepared to read if I have to
PatersonJamesAlong Came a Spider
PatersonJamesJack and Jill
PatersonJamesJudge and Jury
PatersonJamesWhen the Wind Blows
PatersonJamesFirst to Die
PattersonDianaThe Ice Beneath My Feet: My Year in AntarcticaAn interesting account of the first woman to head an Australian Antarctic Base, 1988/89
PattersonRichard NorthDegree of GuiltUS crime writer that I am prepared to read if I have nothing better
PattersonRichard NorthEyes of a Child
PattersonRichard NorthThe Final Judgment
PauwMarionGirl in the Dark
PenneyStefThe Invisible OnesFictional account of an X-linked disorder in a UK gypsy family. Well constructed mystery
PerlmanElliotThree Dollars
Pharr DavisJenniferCalled AgainAutobiography of a lass who ran the 2600 mile Pacific Crest Trail supported by her husband
PhoenixRed Brie's First Day of Submissive TrainingNot memorable
PinkneyJosephGreat Australian Mysteries
PicoultJodiPlain TruthReadable US fiction writer who is often making a point about a minority group e.g kids with Aspergers
PilcherRosamundeComing HomeBritish Romance writer first published in 1949
PilcherRosamundeThe Shell Seekers
PilcherRosamundeWinter Solstice
PolishukNancyLife on the Daly River
PorterDorothyThe Monkey's Mask
PrescottMichaelLast Breath
ProuxE AnniePostcards
PunchTravelling Light Punch Goes AbroadNot memorable
QuinnTomRailways' Strangest JourneysNot memorable
RamsayCaroThe Blood of CrowsGlasgow crime and police drama billed as the new Ian Rankin. We found it a bit boring
RankinIanA Question of BloodMy favourite UK crime writer, closely followed by Val McDermid and Reginal Hill
RankinIanBeggars Banquet
RankinIanBlack and Blue
RankinIanBleeding Hearts
RankinIanBlood Hunt
RankinIanThe Complaints
RankinIanA Cool HeadQuite a short story. Okay
RankinIanDead Souls
RankinIanDeath is not the End
RankinIanDoors Open
RankinIanEven Dogs in the Wild
RankinIanExit Music
RankinIanFleshmarket Close
RankinIanKnots and Crosses Inspector Rebus
RankinIanLet it Bleed
RankinIanResurrection Men
RankinIanSaints of the Shadow Bible
RankinIanSet in Darkness
RankinIanStanding in a Dead Man's Grave
RankinIanThe Black Book
RankinIanThe Complaints
RankinIanThe Falls
RankinIanThe Flood
RankinIanThe Hanging Garden
RankinIanThe Impossible Dead
RankinIanThe Naming of the Dead
RankinIanRather be the Devil
RankinIanTooth and Nail Inspector Rebus
RankinIanWitch Hunt
Readers DigestTrue Stories of Great EscapesNot memorable
RebanksJamesThe Shepherds LifeAutobiography of a fells shepherd in the Lakes District UK in the 21st century. Highly recommended
Reed JohnTen Days the Shook the WorldAmerican journalist and socialist about the October Revolution in Russia in 1917
RendellRuthA New Lease of DeathHer Inspector Wexford books are quite good but some of this UK writer's crime novels are a bit weird
RendellRuthA Guilty Thing Surprised
RendellRuthEnd in Tears
RendellRuthHarm Done
RendellRuthKissing the Gunner's Daughter
RendellRuthNot in the Flesh
RendellRuthPiranha to Security
RendellRuthPut on by Cunning
RendellRuthRoad Rage
RendellRuthShake Hands for Ever
RendellRuthTalking to Strangers
RendellRuthThe Babes in the Wood
RendellRuthThe Best Man to Die
RendellRuthThe Keys to the Street
RendellRuthThe Lake of Darkness
RendellRuthThe Monster in the Box
RendellRuthThe Reason Why
RendellRuthThe Rotweiler
RendellRuthThe Veiled One
RendellRuthThirteen Steps Down
RendellRuthWolf to the Slaughter
RheaNicholasConstable Around the ParkOne of the books from "Heartbeat" set in the Yorkshire Moors. Readable.
RimmerKellyBefore I let You GoNot recommended. Not finished
RobertsAndrewHistory of the English Speaking People since 1900
RobertsGregory DavidShantaramA modern odyssey of crime and redemption by a convicted Australian bank robber. Set in India
RobertsonRachelReaching One Thousand
RobinsonPeterAbbattoir BluesContemporary British crime writer whose main character is DCI Banks. Many of these stories adape\ted for the TV series
RobinsonPeterA Dedicated Man
RobinsonPeterA Necessary End
RobinsonPeterA Piece of my Heart
RobinsonPeterAll the Colours of Darkness
RobinsonPeterBad Boy
RobinsonPeterBefore the Poison
RobinsonPeterChildfren of the RevolutionDCI Banks and crew. A good read. Recommended
RobinsonPeterClose to Home
RobinsonPeterCold is the Grave
RobinsonPeterDry Bones that Dream
RobinsonPeterFriend of the Devil
RobinsonPeterGallows View
RobinsonPeterHanging Valley
RobinsonPeterIn a Dry Season
RobinsonPeterNot Safe after Dark
RobinsonPeterPast Reason Hated
RobinsonPeterPlaying with Fire
RobinsonPeterStrange Affair
RobinsonPeterThe Summer that Never Was
RobinsonPeterWatching the Dark
RobinsonPeterWhen the Music is Over
RobothamMichaelBleed for MeContemporary Australian crime writer who sets his books in the UK or USA rather than his homeland. A good romp
RobothamMichaelClose your Eyes
RobothamMichaelLife or Death
RobothamMichaelThe Night FerryPeople smuggling and forced IVF surrogacy. A good page turned
RobothamMichaelSay You're Sorry
RobothamMichaelThe Secrets She KeepsPsychopathic shelf stacker befriends a pregnant mother in order to steal her newborn. Well crafted
RobothamMichaelThe SuspectHis first book that features the flawed crime psychologist Joe O'Loughlin and Detective Ruiz. It's a cracker
RobothamMichaelWatching You
RobothamMichaelThe WreckageThe plot is a bit disjointed at first but all the old familiar characters soon appear to suck you in. Fast paced.
RoseSir AlecMy Lively LadyAround the world sailing story by this famous solo yachtsman
RoyArundhatiThe God of Small ThingsSet in India. A story of forbidden love. Not memorable
RowlandsPaulNot All Sunshine and Sand
RowleySimonMind that Child A Medical MemoirFrom an Auckland neonatologist and paediatrician from my own era. Inspiring
RussellCraigThe Valkekyrie Song
SchweitzerAlbertOut of my Life and ThoughtFrom the famous missionary. Readable
ScottAlastairScot FreeA young Scot's travel adventures. I quite enjoyed this
SeboldAliceThe Lovely BonesExcellent crime fiction. Made into a film I think
SethVikramA Suitable BoyCan't say that I enjoyed this. May not have even finished it.
ShackletonErnestSouth. The Expedition to AntarcticExcellent
ShaferMary AnnThe Geurnsey Literary and Potato Pie SocietyFiction based on the occupation of Jersey Island by the Germans. It was okay
ShuteNevilMost SecretNow dated. Shute is a famous Australian author from the 2oth century. His best known work is "A Town Like Alice"
SillarShamusSicily:It's Not Quite TuscanySon of a Lismore urologist who drops out of university and goes to live in Scilily for a while. I enjoyed this book
SimpsonGrahamColours of My Life The Judith Durham StoryMoving biography of one of my favorite Australians
SlaughterKarinBrokenContemporary US crime writer. Readable
SligoJohnFinal ThingsNot memorable
SligoJohnWith Princes
SlocumJoshuaSailing Alone Around the WorldThe first round the world solo sailor. This book was recommended to me by my father and I pass it on
SmithDominicThe Last Painting of Sara de VosAward-winning novel by an Australian author but I did not get beyond the 4th chapter
SmithTomGoing Loco
SparksNicholasMessage in a BottleAw shucks type romantic writing by this well known US author
SparksNicholasNights in RodantheSeveral of his books have been made into movies, most notably, "The Bridges of Madison County"
SparksNicholasThe Notebook
SparksNicholasA Walk to Remember
SparkesAllanThe Cost of BraveryInspiring book by a former Coffs Harbour cop who survived PTSD. Recommended
SpenceJennyNo Safe Place
StedmanMLThe Light between the OceansOne of the most successful Australian novels of recent years. Now a film produced by Steven Spielberg
SteinerSusieMissing, PresumedContempory UK crime writer. Authentic. Reasonable page turner
SteinerSusiePersons UnknownHer second book that features Manon, the authentic London detective, this time pregnant with donor sperm
StevensonRobert LouisJekyll and Hyde
StewartChristopherJungleland: A Mysterious Lost CityA curious modern tale of discovery
StielJenniferThe Woman who Fell from the SkyI cannot recommend this book and did not finish it
StrayedCherylWild: A Journey from Lost to FoundA solo hike of the Pacific Crest Trail USA by a girl who was off the rails but sorted it. Made into a film. Recommended
TaylorAndrewThe Four Last Things
TemplePeterThe Broken ShoreFamous for his books that feature Jack Irish, I don't like this character from this Australian writer. But I did enjoy these two
TennantKylieThe Honey FlowAustralian author writing in the mid 20th century. This book about bee keepers I quite enjoyed
TennantKylieThe BattlersBut I couldn't even finish this one
ThackerBrianPlanes Trains & Elephants
TherouxPaul Fresh Air FiendHighly recommended US author of fiction and travelogues.
TherouxPaul My Other LifeI suspect that these two books are autobiographical. I do know that Paul Theroux had two "wives" and families, one in England and another is the US
TherouxPaul My Secret History
TherouxPaul Sunrise with Sea Monsters
TherouxPaul The Happy Isles of OceaniaTravels by kayak in the South Pacific
TherouxPaul The Pillars of HerculesTravelling the rim of the Mediteranean
TherouxPaul The Stranger at the Palazzo d'Oro
ThoeneBodieThe Gates of Zion
ThomasRosieThe IllusionistCould not get into this. Abandonded after a few chapters
ThomasRosieThe Kashmir ShawlEnjoyable
TierneyTrudi AnneMaking Soapies in KabaulI cannot recommend this book, Did not finish it.
TiffanyCarrieEveryman's Rules for Scientific Living
TitchmarshAlanLove and Dr DevonLight romantic fiction from that English gardening guy. Enjoyed
TolkienJRRThe HobbitI can recommend this book even though I did not finish it
TopeRebeccaWindermere Witness, The
TorodeSamThe Dirty Parts of the Bible
TreeIsabellaIslands in the Clouds
TroutNickLove is the Best MedicineNot his best work. Contrived. Did not finish this one
TroutNickTell me where it HurtsBooks by a UK vet who works in the USA in the 21st century. Almost as good as James Herriott. Recommended
TroutNickThe Patron Saint of Lost dogsFictional account of a vet who takes on his exstranged father's practice when he dies.
TroutNickDog Gone Back SoonAmusing and engaging in a rather slick style that does not really match that of Herriott
TreasureRachaelJillarooI cannot recommend this book, Did not finish it.
TrurowScottPleading GuiltyUS courtroom writer that I am prepared to read if I have to
TrurowScottThe Law of our Fathers
TurnbullSarahAll Good ThingsTwo autobiographies by an Australian lass who married a Frenchman in Paris, then moved to Tahiti for her second book I greatly enjoyed these two books
TurnbullSarahAlmost French
UpfieldArthurDeath of a SwagmanAustralian crime writer from the last century. His detective is Boney, a part aboriginal in the Queensland Police Force
UpfieldArthurThe Great Melbourne Cup Mystery
UpfieldArthurVenom House
UpfieldArthurWinds of Evil
UpsonNicolaAn Expert in MurderCrime fiction based on a long-running play in London's West End, circa 1934. Enjoyed.
VaughanStuartA Yacht Called ErewhonA book inspired when NZ won the Americas Cup for sailing. A fanciful tale but I enjoyed it.
VernonTomFat Man on a Roman RoadUK travelogue. Readable
VineBarbaraThe Chimney Sweepers BoyDid not get beyond the 4th chapter. Not recommended
ViggersKarenThe Lightkeeper's WifeMoving fictional story from Bruny Island, Tasmania
WainwrightRobertThe Brilliant OutsiderBiography of George Finch, Austrlian-born alpine climber who should have been the first to the top of Everest. V Good
WalkerShirleyThe Ghost at the Wedding
WaltersMinetteAcid RowExcellent contemporay UK crime writer
WaltersMinetteDisordered Minds
WaltersMinetteA Dreadful Murder
WaltersMinetteThe Chameleons Shadow
WaltersMinetteThe Echo
WaltersMinetteThe Ice House
WaltersMinetteThe Sculptress
WaltersMinetteThe Shape of Snakes
WaltersMinetteThe Tinder Box
WatkinsBillA Celtic ChildhoodReadable autobiography
WatsonSJBefore I go to SleepCreepy crime fiction
WeissRachelMe, Myself and PragueAn Australian lives in Prague in the 21st century. I enjoyed this
WeldonFayAuto du FayAustralian writer, this is her autobiography.
WeldonFayNothing to Wear Nowhere to Hide
WeldonFayThe Heart of the Country
WeldonFayThe Hearts and Lives of Men
WestMorrisEminenceAustralian fiction writer from the 20th century
WestMorrisThe Lovers
WestMorrisThe Salamander
WestMorrisSummer of the Red Wolf
WheelerSaraTerra IncognitaAutobiography by an Australian woman in Antarctica. I quite enjoyed this
WightJimThe Real James HerriotThis is the authorised biography, written by his son. It's a cracking read
WilliamsNadineFrom France with LoveAn Australian journaloist marries a Frenchman and lives in Paris. I enjoyed this
WilliamsNadineFarewell my French LoveSequel. French husband dies. Grief stricken Nadine returns to Paris as part of her recovery. Recommended
WilliamsPipOne Italian SummerA family of 4 from the Adelaide Hills spend 6 months Wwoofing in Italy. Contemporary and quite well written
WilliamsSueGetting ThereAnd its sequel I seem to remember
WinchesterSimonA Crack in the Edge of the WorldPopular science writer, this one about the San Francisco earthquake. Well researched and well written
WinchesterSimonAtlantic: A Vast Ocean of a Million StoriesThese two books about the two great oceans are a fascinating read
WinchesterSimonPacific: Ocean of the Future
WingfieldRDA Touch of FrostClassic and closely scripted as the TV series. It's a bit dated now. Wingfield died in 2007
WinmanSarahWhen God was a RabbitNot memorable
WinnR MTrue Grit Dry Wit
WintonTimBreathMy favourite Australian author, I will read everything by TW that I can get my hands on.
WintonTimCloudstreetThis classic, used as a high school literary exercise, is pure poetry
WintonTimDirt Music
WintonTimIn the Winter Dark
WintonTimLand's Edge
WintonTimMinimum of Two
WintonTimThe Riders
WintonTimThe Turning
WintonTimThe Turning
WoodMichaelFor Reasons UnknownImprobable crime thriller. Poorly written. Not recommended
WrightMichaelC'est La Folie
WulfAndreaThe Invention of Nature Alexander Von HumboldtA fascinating biography of the life of this great German scientist. Recommended
WyndhamJohnThe Midwich CuckoosClassic science fiction. Not really my genre but I enjoyed this
YeldhamPeterAbove the FoldAustralian fiction writer, quite readable
YeldhamPeterA Distant Shore
YeldhamPeterBarbed Wire and RosesThis one based on events from the First World War
YorkeMargaretAlmost the TruthReadable crime writer
Young and StampTrojan Horses
ZeldinTheodoreAn Intimate History of Humanity
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Africa Overland
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All the Light there Is