What is ChiLL?

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What do We Do?

ChiLL is the acronym for Choices in Later Life, a seminar program that invites participants to explore their options when planning for dying and death. We aim to confront fear and ignorance with information and resources that will better prepare everyone for one of life’s inevitabilities.

Our seminar seeks to go beyond the usual “Making of a Will” and whether to be “Cremated or Buried” and introduces the subjects of:

  • Enduring Power of Attorney and Enduring Guardianship
  • Advanced Care Planning and How to Assemble an Advanced Care Plan
  • How and where to lodge your Advanced Care Plan
  • Preparing the Family and Other Carers
  • To Do List in preparation for Loss of Capacity or Dying
  • Palliative Care – What it is and isn’t and how to access it
  • What happens when someone is dying
  • Voluntary Assisted Dying – What it is and isn’t and how to access it
  • Death Doula services including Local Resources
  • Organ Donation
  • Funeral Planning and How to Celebrate a Life
  • Getting on with your life after the Death of a Partner
  • Bereavement and Bereavement Resources

The emphasis throughout is a practical demonstration about how to access the resources, services and people that assist in these tasks.

The Seminar

Our program typically runs for 2.5 hours and ends with a panel discussion with the Speakers, followed by a smorgasbord of takeaway resources for participants.

It is aimed at groups of Seniors with capacity (ideally fewer than 40 at a time) and their Family and Carers, or anyone who works in end-of-life care.

Any space that accommodates such a group is suitable, but good acoustics and a refreshment break is essential, whilst audiovisual resources and a welcoming group seating arrangement is desirable.

Our Contributors

We have a panel of experts who work in the field. They include a doctor, palliative care nurse, a community engagement volunteer in preparedness, a death doula and a (civil) funeral celebrant. They have honed their presentations over a number of seminars presented to groups in Retirement Villages since 2021.

Our Organizers

Max Brinsmead spent four decades overseeing the arrival of lives as an obstetrician but, like a number of his colleagues who were privileged to be part of that process, believes that the medical profession needs to do better at the other end of life. Phone 0409 870 346  Email [email protected]  or leave a Note on the Welcome Page to this Website.

Judith Jackson has spent decades as activist and volunteer in the community of Woolgoolga. Judy is a passionate believer in living the best life you can for as long as you can; an advocate for being prepared and dying in comfort and dignity. Phone 0417 923 333  Email [email protected]

Please phone, SMS or email us with your proposal or questions.

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From The Hon. Mark Coure MP, Minister for Seniors NSW Government.

From Judy Halpin, seminar participant.


Advanced Care Planning – A Fact Sheet for Individuals

Advanced Care Planning and Voluntary Assisted Dying – a Factsheet from Advance Care Planning Australia that explains the difference between these two options.

Advanced Care Directives – short notes from the Presentation by Jill Nash (.pdf)

Advanced Care Directives (Getting it Done) – Jill Nash (.pdf)

Your Checklist (Preparing for the Inevitable) – Jill Nash (.pdf)

Voluntary Assisted Dying NSW – A seminar presentation by Dr Max Brinsmead (PowerPoint/.pdf)

NSW Voluntary Assisted Dying Care Navigator Service – contact details for the free service by NSW Health for everyone including patients, loved ones, health practitioners and providers.

NSW Health Voluntary Assisted Dying (VAD) Steps: A single sheet that lists the 11 steps required for a person to access VAD in NSW. You can pause or stop the process at any time.

Community Palliative Care – A seminar presentation by Nurse Louise de Gabriele (.pdf)

Palliative Care: A PowerPoint presentation by Nurse Lou de Gabriele

Choices in Later Life – A seminar presentation by Dr Max Brinsmead (PowerPoint)(.pdf)

Choices in Later Life – A seminar presentation by Dr Helena Johnston (.pdf)

Choices around Funeral Planning and Celebrations of a Life: A PowerPoint Presentation by Betsy White at Shoreline on 8th August 2023.

Death Doula – helping the dying and their families through the process: A PowerPoint Presentation by Heather-Maree Hinton at Shoreline on 8th August 2023.

Getting on with Your Life – A PowerPoint Presentation by Tony Blair (pdf).

VAD in Residential Aged Care A factsheet for Managers and Operators of residential aged care facilities that explains the legal obligations in relation to VAD, and provides practical tips to help residential facilities comply with their VAD obligations.

What Happens when You Die – a Seminar Presentation by Leesa Hoysted, Masters in Palliative Care (PowerPoint) (.pdf)


Making an Advance Care DirectiveNSW Form and Information Booklet.

Advance Care Planning – A YouTube video that illustrates why it is important.

Voluntary Assisted Dying in NSW: This state’s official website with information for patients, doctors and access to the VAD Care Navigator Service.

Appointing an Enduring GuardianAdvice for NSW residents and Form

NSW Trustee & Guardian – A NSW government resource for making your will or power of attorney and an impartial option for guardianship and management of financial affairs.

Deciding whether a person has the capacity to make their own decisions: Go to the NSW Department of Communities and Justice webpage that addresses this or download the Capacity Toolkit: Information for government and community workers, professionals, families and carers in New South Wales

Dying to Know Day – An annual event, but this website also provides advice about Advance Care Plans, Guardianship, Wills and Super and celebrating a life.

The Australian Death Notification Service is a free government initiative to help people get in touch with multiple organisations using a single online notification.

Digital Legacy Association: the global organisation supporting the public and professional bodies with digital assets planning and digital legacy safeguarding. Includes advice about Social Media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

Who to Notify Checklist: (If someone has died). From Services Australia (pdf Download)

Go Gentle Australia: Committed to making Voluntary Assisted Dying (VAD) available to all terminally ill Australians.

Dying with Dignity NSW: Committed to making VAD available as a choice in NSW.

Carer Gateway: Advice, support and training for Carers with options for Emergency Respite Care (after registration and interview)

Resources to Support Families Caring for Someone at the End of their Life – from the Commonwealth Department of Health and Aged Care.

Seniors Rights Service: a community organisation dedicated to protecting and advancing the rights of older people

Palliative Care Australia – with advice for patients and carers including how to access these services

What is Palliative Care (A short YouTube video from the Department of Health and Aged Care)

End of Life Doula Directory: Helping you find a Death Doula in your vicinity.

Preparing the Way: Helen Callinan’s end of life doula training organization.

Organising a funeral – practical advice from NSW (government) Services.

Cremation Ashes: Fact sheet describing what can be done with them from NSW Health

Grief Australia: Apps, counselling and support for anyone experiencing grief or loss.

ChiLL is supported and recommended by:

Linked to Life is a not-for-profit, community-based organisation for people who are frail, elderly, and wanting to continue living independently in their own home on the Coffs Coast.

Updated 3rd June 2024