Facebook Posts from the Three Capes Walk  March 2020

Facebook Posts from Tasmania                            March 2020

Facebook Posts from Cambodia                           August 2019

Facebook Posts from Sheffield and Isle of Man June 2019

Facebook Posts from Norway                                May 2019

Facebook Posts from Sheffield                             May 2019

Facebook Posts from New Zealand                     Feb 2019

Facebook Posts from Italy                                       September 2018

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Three Capes Walk Tasmania    March 2020

Pam’s Fungi                                       March 2020

Best of Cambodia                          August 2019

Best of Norway                                May 2019

Eastland New Zealand                 February 2019

Japan                                                  April 2018

Cherry Blossom in Japan          April 2018


There are also PowerPoint Slideshows that illustrate other trips available from my DropBox by clicking on the links below. Each file is quite large and will  take a few minutes to download. Each Slideshow can then be viewed in 10 – 15 minutes.

Greek Islands Cruise                             October 2017

Crete, Greece                                            September 2017

A Coach Tour of Greece                        October 2017

Taranaki, New Zealand                         February 2017

Sunshine Coast, Queensland            October 2016

Kimberley Coast, Western Australia  September 2016

Douglas, Isle of Man                              August 2016

Canal Boat UK                                          July 2016

Sissinghurst Castle, Kent UK              July 2016

Brighton UK                                              July 2016

Brittany France                                        July 2016

Loire Valley & Bayeux, France           July 2016

Stradbroke Island                                   November 2015

Western Victoria                                     September 2015

Western Queensland                            July 2015

 Tasmania Touring                                February 2015

Ballarat and the Bellerine Peninsuala  January 2015

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