I am a retired medical practitioner.  This website is a combination of resources for teachers in reproductive medicine and ventilation for my continuing interests:

  • bush walking (called tramping in Kiwi and rambling in the UK)
  • travel
  • reading
  • photography
  • Landcare
  • Volunteering
  • Community action

This site is monitored regularly.

I provide surgical assistance to specialist surgeons at a Private Hospital for up to 6 hours each week. I also teach and examine medical students at a Rural School of Medicine in Coffs Harbour, NSW for a few hours each year. I have a small citrus orchard at Nimbin and I exercise in bush regeneration near my home in Coffs Harbour.

You can follow me on Facebook using https://www.facebook.com/maxwell.brinsmead

For copies of my curriculum vitae click on one of the following:

Sample Resources

The problem. The controversy and all about ECV
Click here to View

A practical approach to the patient who presents with bleeding
Click here to View

A summary of the evidence base from Cochrane - for postgraduates
Click here to View

A case of infertility - investigation and management
Click here to View

Risks of Caesarean & Vaginal Birth on one slide - from NICE UK
Click here to View

All methods of contraception compared on one slide - from WHO
Click here to View

Whimsical wisdom gleaned over decades - a few original
Click here to View

For more educational resources follow the Links to Undergraduates or Postgraduates.

For Site Visitors seeking more information about the Brinsmead Family go to www.brinsmead.net  written and maintained by Andy Sims

Header Image:  Sunrise in the Kimberley Region of north-western Australia

Revised September 2020.

12 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Hi Dr. Max Brinsbead

    Iam a fourth year medical student in Papua New Guinea. I just got into your website and I found out that you provide the best learning materials I need to enrich my learning.

    Hermin PEAMO

  2. Dear Max
    Rather than invent the wheel, may I use your powerpoint on VBAC. Its very interesting.
    Unit Manager
    Birth suite

  3. Thankyou ,very impressive.A great resource.
    I am the clinical facilitator for the midwifery students from SCU and would greatly appreciate sharing some information if needed.Regards Alison (RN/CMS)

  4. Hello Alison. Nice to hear from you and reflect on some of the clinical adventures we shared. Please feel free to use any of the material on this website. Max B.

  5. Great photos of Newcastle campout. Pleased it went well.
    Rhys and Pat

  6. Practising midwife and owner of 5 labradors would like to hear from you!

  7. A lovely insight to Taranaki. Looks like plenty of activities available. Pleased the jet boats were more relaxed than the ‘petrol head’ type at Queenstown

  8. Personal photos to share with you and Pam. If your ears burn….often. It would be our fault. Love to family xxx

  9. Hi again, Max! I’m an avid reader too. I’ll read anything as long as it’s well-written – any genre. I wish I’d kept a list too. I’ve recently ‘discovered’ crime fiction – a genre I didn’t think I’d like…..but have really enjoyed a few. May I recommend The Belltree Trilogy by Barry Maitland.

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